NAT Conference 2022

Inframatic is proud to have attended this year’s NAT conference. Our colleague Stefan Haydn presented the topic of flow control in tunnels as a co-speaker.

NAT conference 2022, Philadelphia, PA

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SFMTA Examination of safety regulations, tunnel ventilation

What is a tunnel with a safety ventilation without a serious test of the same? Nothing to be exact.
Inframatic changes that by testing the safety-relevant aggregates.
Fire ventilation, using ultrasonic measuring devices in a cross arrangement, to test whether the air speed achieves sufficient performance even in the event of an incident. At the same time, we tested airflow visually, using smoke grenades.
These show “mercilessly” where any defects are.
In the case of the extension of the San Francisco Metro from Union Square to China Town, no doubt about it. The following tests were carried out:

San Francisco metro station “Union square”
  • Ultrasonic cross-measurements of the airspeed across the whole tunnel section, 4 pcs. at the same time
  • Smoke grenade test to make visible where the airflow goes
  • Door force measurements to comply with regulations
  • Noise measurements
  • Anemometer measurements
Ultrasonic cross-measurement
Smoke grenade test, with a metro in the tunnel