NAT Conference 2022

Inframatic is proud to have attended this year’s NAT conference. Our colleague Stefan Haydn presented the topic of flow control in tunnels as a co-speaker.

NAT conference 2022, Philadelphia, PA

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SFMTA Examination of safety regulations, tunnel ventilation

What is a tunnel with a safety ventilation without a serious test of the same? Nothing to be exact.
Inframatic changes that by testing the safety-relevant aggregates.
Fire ventilation, using ultrasonic measuring devices in a cross arrangement, to test whether the air speed achieves sufficient performance even in the event of an incident. At the same time, we tested airflow visually, using smoke grenades.
These show “mercilessly” where any defects are.
In the case of the extension of the San Francisco Metro from Union Square to China Town, no doubt about it. The following tests were carried out:

San Francisco metro station “Union square”
  • Ultrasonic cross-measurements of the airspeed across the whole tunnel section, 4 pcs. at the same time
  • Smoke grenade test to make visible where the airflow goes
  • Door force measurements to comply with regulations
  • Noise measurements
  • Anemometer measurements
Ultrasonic cross-measurement
Smoke grenade test, with a metro in the tunnel

Highpower EV-Charging

500 KW, HPC DC connector

We plan and build complete solutions for extensive electric charging stations and infrastructures in the field of electric mobility. We rely on the most modern technologies. Above all, the high-performance charging technology (HPC, high power charging). This enables direct current charges of up to 500 kilowatts. This means that an electric vehicle is 90% charged within 5-10 minutes (depending on the vehicle type and approved charging capacity).

Our services:

  • Overall planning of the charging infrastructure
  • Energy and power calculations
  • Network planning and execution for remote monitoring
  • Hardware planning of the charging stations
  • Software development of the charging controller
  • Software development of the control system technology
  • Software and hardware for EFT / POS
  • Commissioning of the plants


A network is required so that all systems can communicate with each other and thus transmit reflexes, and also send data to a control system. These networks are naturally very large and extend over great distances.

Networks are the arteries of modern infrastructure systems. Measured values and states must be transferred between the controls and the control system and also between them. Due to the large distances involved, these networks are usually formed with glass fibers. We plan and lay out the networks, from the lowest to the highest level (OSI layer 1 – 7). If necessary, we also develop our own network protocols.

Signaling systems

The signaling systems dynamically indicate the applicable speed limit according to the volume of traffic. In addition, they are also used for dynamic traffic control and display in the event of a traffic jam, accident or other impairment of one or more lanes.

Video surveillance systems

Video surveillance in motorway tunnels is also becoming increasingly important. In the past, this was simply used for visual monitoring of the traffic inside the tubes. Thanks to increasing digitization, there are many more possibilities today. Above all the so-called automatic event detection. Based on the video images from the cameras, this recognizes whether there is any danger inside or outside the tunnel. The event detection detects whether a traffic jam is or will arise, whether an accident has occurred or whether a fire has broken out. Objects on the road are also detected so that road users can be warned at an early stage. As a result, video surveillance is also used more and more frequently for fire detection.

Lighting systems

The lighting systems ensure that lighting is as balanced as possible in normal operation and should be similar to the outside brightness. That is why the lighting is also subdivided. On the one hand in entrance lighting and on the other hand in drive-through lighting. The entrance lighting helps the eyes to get used to the darker surroundings when entering the tunnel. This lighting is therefore regulated based on the currently prevailing brightness at the tunnel entrance and continuously decreases in the tunnel. At night it switches off completely.
The drive-through lighting, on the other hand, tends to be geared towards the volume of traffic rather than the external brightness. Because in the tunnel itself, you can’t see the outside world. But you can see – or rather – you have to see how many vehicles are in front of and next to you.
Like all other systems, the lighting must also react to special situations such as fire and accidents and ensure sufficient brightness at the scene of the accident
Furthermore, the optical guidance devices on the tunnel floor are used more and more. The function of this type of lighting is to help the fleeing person to find the correct escape direction in the event of a fire, if there is heavy smoke in the tunnel.

Tunnel ventilation systems

Tunnel ventilation systems are among the most important systems in a tunnel. On the one hand, it ensures fresh air in the tunnel and, in the event of a fire, is also the system that can save human lives. In the first case, it checks and regulates the air in such a way that exhaust gas values in the tunnel tube remain at a level that is harmless to humans. It is not only the classic toxins such as CO2 or NOX values that count, but also the clouding of vision (which is caused by rain, for example), which are decisive for a safe journey.
In the event of a fire, seconds make the difference between life and death. If a vehicle should catch fire inside the tunnel, the tunnel ventilation system ensures that, on the one hand, the toxic smoke is extracted on the spot, and on the other hand, enough oxygen can reach the people through the controllable air flow. This enables those who have been involved in an accident to escape with as few obstacles as possible.