Synchronised longitudinal announcement

Loudspeaker announcements in tunnel applications requires more effort and knowhow than just place speakers under the tunnel ceiling.

To reliable provide understandable safety information in case its needed, the specific parameters must be considered for each tunnel.

Long time experience in tunnel applications and software simulations combined with latest technologies and production techniques of U.S. speaker manufacturers enables us, to offer solutions tailored to the specific tunnel project.

NAT Conference 2024

This year, the Inframatic company was again present at the NAT conference 2024 in Nashville, Tennessee and informed each other about the latest developments in tunnel technology.
Our Stefan Haydn was there as always and was able to have many good discussions with all the companies involved and those responsible for the tunnel industry and the authorities.

Traffic Management

Have you ever wondered why you keep standing at red lights at intersections for so long and no one comes from the other side?
The answer is very simple: these intersections are controlled by simple timers that have no idea whether a vehicle is there or not.
And our solution to this problem is even simpler.
Rely on our traffic management server.

Example image of the server with example cam images

If you think that sounds complicated and expensive, you’re wrong.
Where the relays and timers are now mounted, we simply replaced the old control components with a single control unit that processes and switches everything. To detect wheter a car or bicycle stands in front of the intersection we use cameras and detect the objects. Of course separeted by the different lanes. Depending on the local weather or environmental influences, we supplement the cameras with radar or lidar detection devices.

Control unit with digital outputs and image processing integrated

In addition to the advantage that no one has to wait unnecessarily in front of an intersection, our solution also offers many other advantages free of charge:

  • Cam images can be used also for law enforcement
  • Recording of the images
  • Cascading of following intersection is possible – Green light section over multiple controllers
  • Interface to other devices or control systems is available (e.g. BacNet, TCP, etc.)
  • Multiple fallback levels are integrated (in the event of failure of individual or all sensors)

Highpower EV-Charging


charging an electric car is just as fast as refueling a petrol car

It’s possible. Not tomorrow,


We plan and build complete solutions for extensive electric charging stations and infrastructures in the field of electric mobility. We rely on the most modern technologies. Above all, the high-performance charging technology (HPC, high power charging). This enables direct current charges of up to 500 kilowatts. This means that an electric vehicle is 90% charged within 5-10 minutes (depending on the vehicle type and approved charging capacity).

Our services:

  • Overall planning of the charging infrastructure
  • Energy and power calculations
  • Network planning and execution for remote monitoring
  • Hardware planning of the charging stations
  • Software development of the charging controller
  • Software development of the control system technology
  • Software and hardware for EFT / POS
  • Commissioning of the plants

The future is electric

The “Global EV Outlook 2022” of the International Energy Agency IEA recently provided information on the increasing market presence of electrically powered vehicles. According to the report, 6.6 million plug-in vehicles were newly registered (battery-only or plug-in hybrids with a battery and an internal combustion engine).
That is more than twice as many as in 2020. At the end of 2021, there were over 16 million electric vehicles on the roads worldwide.
And the future is also clearly electric. The European Union has already issued a ban on petrol-powered vehicles and the United States is also pushing ahead with charging stations and EV’s in large steps.

Our services

Inframatic – as the name suggests – is your partner for the expansion and renewal of infrastructure projects. We are a globally active company in the field of traffic safety, in particular the control and monitoring of motorway tunnels, rail tunnels, bridges and airports. We act either as a general planner and / or as an executing company. We provide our services in the following areas:

  • Motorway tunnels and highways
  • Railway tunnels
  • Subways
  • Bridges
  • Airports
  • General infrastructure projects

We basically process all technical systems that require the infrastructure mentioned above. These are essentially:

  • Tunnel ventilation systems
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Energy supply systems
  • High and low voltage distribution systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Signaling systems
  • Traffic control technology
  • Network technology
  • Control technology

Our company is a planning and execution office for integral tunnel safety and control technology. We rely on the latest technologies without being dependent on a single provider. All systems used are established and have been able to prove themselves over decades. We not only rely on openness and independence in terms of hardware, but also rely on open-source components and frameworks wherever possible for software. Above all with the visualization and the control systems. These are developed by us using the latest HTML5 technology, without sacrificing security. All connections are encrypted and monitored. This applies not only to the software, but also to the networks. Because, as is well known, there are also many networks or network protocols on the market. Here, too, you can choose between proprietary or open protocols. We prefer the latter.
On the planning side, we develop systems from the pre-design phase to Construction Administration (CA). When executing the systems, we deliver all documents such as the specification of services and performance descriptions, all electrical drawings such as principal diagrams, electrical diagrams, control cabinet dispositions, cabling plans, electrical performance calculations, etc. Function descriptions and program flow charts are also part of our services, as well as the entire commissioning, tests of the systems and their decreases.
Our software is developed and documented in a structured manner. The control software includes all functions necessary to ensure safe operation of the infrastructure. Our focus is on the greatest possible degree of automation so that maintenance is burdened with as little manual intervention as possible. In addition, our focus is also on energy efficiency. Because our systems combine safety with the lowest possible energy consumption. For example, it makes no sense to run a tunnel ventilation system when there is little to no traffic. In order to make this possible, we use the sensors built into the tunnel and use all the functionality of the individual systems integrally instead of just using individual sensors assigned to the systems. This means that we use the sensors intelligently across all systems.
The biggest highlight of our systems is – in addition to the intelligent control functions – the openly programmed visualization. Instead of relying on commercial products, we develop the control systems completely ourselves. This has several advantages. First, we save license fees from the commercial provider. For you as the end customer, this means that the system becomes cheaper. Second, we never come across any limiting requirements. This means that you get exactly the system you want. The expression “doesn’t work, doesn’t exist” hits the bull’s eye with us. The visualization is completely developed in HTML5. For you this means that you can open the system pictures with any browser. Plugins are not needed anywhere. We also do not have limited access, as is common with commercial control systems. It does not matter whether a single user or a hundred open the browser window and access the system. And best of all, all of this is included in the scope of delivery. Thanks to the open programming in HTML5, adjustments are made in no time at all. With the appropriate specialist knowledge, such adjustments could also be carried out directly by the end customer himself. We call this visualization «Infraview». But if you prefer commercial products, that’s no problem either. Our employees are familiar with many commercial products. WinCC o.a., Cimplicity, Wonderware, Simatic WinCC. We could expand this list at will.